What you will need for the CNA exam

On the day of my CNA exam, I got a great night’s rest, had everything I needed packed up the night before to endure my long trip, about 2 hours, to be at the testing site on time.

When I arrived at the testing site, I felt prepared and ready to take the exam. After filling out the paperwork, I was called up to show my ID. I had my drivers license and social security card along with a military ID. However, I was told I could not take my test because my social security card was laminated. My card was laminated 17 years ago and has never caused a problem ever.

Since this happened to me, I wanted to make a list of things you will need and a list of things that will not allow you to test.

1. Valid drivers license with your current name. If you recently got married, make sure this has been updated on your license.

2. Non-laminated social security card with the same name as the drivers license and the name you signed up to take the test.

3. You should have received a post card from the testing site that has these same rules on them.

4. Two (2) number 2 pencils, sharpened and a good eraser.

5. Wear loose fitting clothes and slip on, non-skid shoes. This allows your partner to not struggle while performing their skills on you.

6. Your skills study book. There will be some time to quickly study your skills prior to taking your skills.

If you follow these guidelines, you will get through the pretesting smoothly and without problems from the nursing aid examiner.

Best of luck when taking your certified nursing exam! Let us know how you did!