How to pass the CNA skills exam

CNA Skills Exam
A CNA student checking blood pressure on another nursing student

The skills exam is probably the hardest part to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.    You will have 5 skills that the examiner will pick for you randomly.  Everyone will have to perform the hand washing skill.   Also, everyone will have one type of measurement, whether it be weighing a patient, measuring urine (fake of course: Water and food coloring), the dreaded blood pressure,  radial pulse,  or respiration’s.

Now that you know what to look forward to, we will give you the skills needed to pass the skills test.  There is no way to cheat during the skills portion of the CNA skills exam, but there are some things that can help you remember steps,  and ways to make the skills go a little faster to meet the 30 minute time requirement.  When I was studying for my skills portion, I found shortcuts that would legally allow me to perform the skills in fewer steps.  The examiner, which was really strict, could not tell me I couldn’t do these things, because there isn’t a law/rule against them.

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