Passing the CNA Exam!

Passing the CNA state exam seems to be a lot harder than previous years.  That is where we come in to help you.  Passing the CNA written test is not as hard as some may believe, and if you’re in a state enrolled program, it will be a very simple test to pass.  However, the most difficult part of passing the CNA exam is the skills portion of the test.  This is where you and a classmate will be brought into the nursing lab and tested on 35 possible skills.  Out of those 35 skills, you will be given only 5.  Sounds easy, right?  It’s not that easy.  You must learn all 35 skills, and the steps within them.  There are BOLD steps and they must be performed or it’s an automatic failure.  Miss too many of the other steps and you will fail that way as well.

What we are here for is to demonstrate the different skills you will have to perform.  We will have videos uploaded for you to watch instead of searching all over YouTube to find the right ones.  We will do the hard work for you. All you have to do is watch and learn the skills.  We will also provide sample questions of what may be on the state exam.  They are not the exact answers since that is illegal.  However, we will give you CNA sample questions to provide quality preparation for your state CNA exam.

Stay tuned, bookmark our website, and get ready to explore the world of a Certified Nursing Assistant!